How to add a new languge to your LG smart phone

Hello, To add a new language to your LG smart phone please follow these steps: 1- Click system setting (general) 2- Click language and input 3-Click LG keyboard setting 4-Click input language type 5- Scroll down to your language 6- Mark the check box near your Language. You are done.  
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How to recover your post after your browser crashes

The forum usually saves your writing every 20 seconds. So if your browser crashes during your work, you can still recover your post. Please follow the images:     Since this way might not always meet your needs, I always recommend writing your post in a Word document as a safer backup.
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Google Page Rank Checker

I made this simple Google page rank checker over the weekend. I hope it will help someone. To use it, please go to this link: Google Page Rank Checker and follow the directions in the image below:      
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